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Why Choose Drelinger?

Over the years, Drelinger Optikut® headjoints have earned the most significant measure of success—overwhelming customer satisfaction. As the stream of virtually endless flutists say... reveal, Drelinger headjoints have universally met or exceeded the demands of the most diversified and demanding flutists.

Part of the reason for this popularity is Drelinger’s patented one piece lip plate assembly and exclusive non-destructive fitting method, named Perfect-MatchTM. Another is the availability of an extraordinary variety of models offered in several unique patented lip plate stylesand a large precious metal assortment of silver, gold, platinum, and Drelinger’s proprietary Karritium®.

Karritium® may very well be considered the most appealing precious metal, as it has proved to combine the acoustical benefits of gold and silver in one solid metal.


The best of all reasons
Mr. Drelinger works with you personally


Each of us must get the right headjoint to make beautiful music. If you don’t, you may have to work harder to compensate for the mismatch. Understanding the criticality of headjoint selection, Mr. Drelinger personally works with every flutist in his workshop near New York City and in several other cities throughout the United States. Like the optometrist fitting eyeglasses, Mr. Drelinger helps you choose the right headjoint, usually in a single tryout session. A description of how he works and detailed information about headjoints is provided within the accompanying Headjoint Buying Guide and Q & A.

Pictured here, Sanford (Sandy) Drelinger handmakes his headjoints from the very beginning through the final voicing and engraving process. Each headjoint bears the Drelinger registered trademark and a one of a kind number. Mr. Drelinger has specialized in the design and making of headjoints for over 30 years. He is credited with having established headjoint making as an expertise totally separate from flute making. To date Mr. Drelinger has been awarded three patents for his headjoint designs. His ongoing headjoint Q & A series in flute magazines is regarded internationally as the most comprehensive and authoritative source on the subject.

Mr. Drelinger is also a flutist, having studied at the Juilliard School of Music. Drelinger’s credo in making headjoints is: "science and engineering bring me from nowhere to almost. From there on, art takes me the rest of the way."