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The following CDs are available for free within the United States and will be sent to you for the following postage and
handling fee:

1 Disc


2 Discs


3 Discs


Please send orders via US Mail, and include payment in the form of a personal check or postal money order. No credit cards, please. Please note, only one of each title per customer.

Send to:


Dept. CD
P.O. Box 146
N. White Plains, NY 10603

Most orders shipped within 10 days of receipt of postage and handling fees via US Mail First Class insured.





 UpRiteŽ Demo Vol 1
Moshe A. Epstein, Vertical Flute


 UpRiteŽ Demo Vol 2
Alexa Still, Vertical Flute




 UpRiteŽ Demo Vol 3
Aralee Dorough, Vertical Flute